Parisi Speed School in Vermont

Welcome to the Parisi Speed School in Vermont!

Parisi Speed School has been the industry leader in sports performance training for 30+ years, helping more than 1 million athletes of all ages and abilities become faster, stronger, and mentally tougher. From 7-year-old athletes to the Pros, the Parisi program improves athletic performance and increases confidence.

How do I get started?

Our first step is the evaluation between our Parisi Certified Performance Coach and athlete/parent. Until an athlete knows his/her current level of ability. It is impossible to recommend accurate programming, create goals and monitor progress. The Parisi Performance Evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for four main reasons:

  • Assesses the current level of an athlete’s ability.
  • Allows proper placement in our variety of programming.
  • Provides individualized coaching and focus.
  • Records and monitors progress toward success.

Evaluations are mandatory for any child 7+ to enter our Parisi Performance Programming.

*If you have a child younger than 7 that is interested in our programming. See our Little Speedsters class for ages 5-6.

*If you have a child that is between 7-12 that does not play sports but wants to be active and have fun see our Gametime class.

Request an Evaluation

Regardless of the current performance or fitness level of your athlete, our staff of specialists will provide your athlete with the tools they need to perform at their highest level. The first step into our programs is an Evaluation. 

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