Frequently Asked Questions




How many times a week can my youth athlete train and how often should they train?

  • The amount of training per week depends on the specific Parisi program. Some programs are unlimited, while others are specific to a number of sessions. The optimal amount of training per week depends on the season of the athlete, but in general 2-3 days per week is average.

What is the best program for my youth athlete?

  • The best program for your youth athlete depends on several factors. Their sport, goals, current abilities, and commitment level. The only way to find the best fit is to schedule an evaluation with us. After your evaluation the coach will discuss the results and recommend the best next steps.

What is youth sports performance training?

  • Sports performance training is becoming a more frequent term due to the lack of general skill and foundation training we are seeing in sports. Its focus is to train a young athlete to be the best version of themselves on and off the field. The training includes the foundations of any good athlete: speed, mobility, nutrition, mental toughness, agility, strength, and self-confidence. With the added benefit of a reduction in sports-related injuries.

How much does it cost?

  • Our program has a wide variety of pricing options to fit any budget. We offer punch passes to monthly packages. With any monthly plan you will receive an unlimited number of classes. We offer a “freeze” on membership during your athlete’s sports season, if requested.

How many youth athletes per class? 

  • Class sizes depend on the program. Generally, we follow these guidelines for maximum number:
    • Little speedsters = 8
    • Game Time, Jumpstart, TSP = 12
    • ESP = 10
    • PEAK = 3

Do the programs include weight lifting?

  • Our Jump Start does not include weight lifting but uses body weight techniques to increase strength in a safe and effective way. Athletes in our TSP, ESP, PEAK, or Champion programs will incorporate carefully scripted and monitored weight lifting into their programs. All of our strength scripts for these programs have been written and approved by experts in the field of youth sports performance. We also hold “intro to weights” a free clinic for all members to learn how to approach weight with the correct form and mindset.

How long does it take to see the results?

  • Results are dependent on the effort a youth athlete puts into the program. Most athletes come 1-3 times a week and are engaged in sessions to learn mechanics. Will see and feel results after several weeks. If you are ever questioning your athletes progress our staff is happy to conduct a revaluation.

How is Parisi different from other youth sports performance offerings?

  • Our founder, Bill Parisi, has been training young athletes for 30+ years. His methodologies and programming where built for the youth, NOT an adult program that is “customized” for youth. Additionally, Parisi coaches are certified to train youth, which is a different set of skills than training adults. Unlike most other organizations we make sure our coaches are re-certified every 2 years to ensure they are at the top of their field. Parisi has been in the business of training youth since our inception.


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