Athletic Training for Former Athletes

Am I a Former Athlete?

A few examples of former athletes:

  • Retired from a professional sport.
  • Played a sport in college or high school until life got in the way.
  • Had to stop playing a sport due to an injury.
  • Stopped performing their favorite activity or sport due to pain or lack of ability.
  • Anyone who still thinks they are an athlete even though their body may say otherwise.

Does this sound familiar?

You used to play a sport you loved “back in the day,” and you still have that invincible mentality from your past. You continually attempt new activities or push yourself to the limit, but that old injury that “never healed quite right” keeps holding you back. It may flare up, forcing you to take more time to let it back down. Still, you think “next time will be different”. The truth is it can be different- you just need a better program to get there

How to get back in shape

How do I get back in shape?

We want to help you reclaim your strength and health by guiding you through an evolutionary journey.  Many people believe that aging means their body will inevitably deteriorate, but this is a misconception. Your body is meant to continuously adapt to the inputs YOU provide. Poor habits like limited movement and an unhealthy diet can lead to decline, while positive inputs like mobility, strength training, and proper nutrition allow your body to thrive.

If you want to challenge the narrative that your body is working against you. We are here to support you in rediscovering your inner warrior. Our goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary for you to maintain your achievements. Say goodbye to “back in the day” and get ready to start saying “better than ever.”

Get Sustainable Results.

No one has ever worked with you to build a plan like we will.

  • Assess
    • We’ll work together to complete an in-depth onboarding assessment. 90% of people start a training program without an assessment. We don’t do it for paper to hold, we do it because it forms the basis of what you are capable of.
  •  Plan
    • Programs are built into your schedule.
    • Injury mitigation.
    • Custom weekly programing for fitness, mobility, and recovery.
    • Custom nutrition plans based on your goals.
    • Access to custom programing platforms.
    • Adaptable programming for your life.
  •  Maintain
    • Weekly check-ins.
    • Fast responses for questions or concerns.
    • We introduce Prehab for any preexisting or old injuries. This conditions the old injuries to a new level of being aka, we’re taking you to a new point of strength which means this injury should not return.

Working with me as your coach means that you should never need to hire another trainer or coach. If this sounds like something you are ready for, book a free consultation today!

Are you ready to take control of your life again?

Book a free consultation call now.

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