Adult Athletes

The dictionary definition of athlete is a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. At True Warrior Fitness athletes come in all different forms such as:

  • Weekend warriors
  • Tactical athletes
  • Professional athletes
  • College or high school athletes
  • Combat athletes
  • Power lifters
  • Golfers
  • ETC.

No matter the sport or activity if you are someone who does something that requires any type of skill work training alongside normal fitness, mobility, nutrition, and recovery training. You are an athlete. 


Ask yourself, what got you here?

Your current achievements are a result of your existing training program, relentless determination, and willingness to push yourself while testing your limits. Pushing boundaries can sometimes come at the cost of mental and physical health. It is essential to have a training program that builds greater capacity, enabling you to excel during key moments like games or competitions.

Want to become the best athlete on the field?

A well-rounded program should push you to new heights, enhancing your performance by addressing strength, movement capacity, endurance, power, and stamina. This way, you can avoid falling short due to inadequate training. By investing in a comprehensive training program, you’ll be better equipped to push past your limits in a way that lets you perform at the highest during those key moments.


What You Get

  • Assess:
    • A deep dive into your health history, and current programs for mobility, recovery, and fitness.
    • A hands on or virtual movement assessment to see what ROM you have access to.
  • Plan:
    • Unique programming for fitness and mobility that incorporates your sport training. 
    • Custom nutrition plans based on your goals.
    • Access to custom programming platforms.
    • Injury mitigation.
    • Recovery programming.
  • Maintain
    • Weekly check-in calls.
    • Fast responses for questions or concerns.
    • Library of instructional videos
    • Free movement re-assessments.

At True Warrior Training, we develop programs that help you elevate your performance to the next level. Ensuring that you’re prepared to put in the work and reach your full potential. Invest in your success by choosing a training program that empowers you to excel both mentally and physically.

It’s time to take your performance to the next level.

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