Our Athletic Coaching Philosophy

Our Comprehensive Coaching Approach

When working with us we prioritize your success by offering an extensive approach to coaching. We use strength & conditioning, speed training, mobility, nutrition, recovery, and mindset. The idea is to create lasting change that allows you to achieve and maintain your goals.


In the sea of abundant fitness information, it’s easy to overlook the true impact of a well-rounded training program. We need to discuss the importance of internal and external training aspects. These are key factors that allow you a greater capacity to train, live pain free, and mitigate injury. Using some of the intensity we have in our strength training like squats and deadlifts. We can make an increased headway to a strong internal model to ensure lasting success externally. By learning to optimize our training properly we can maximize the results and long-term benefits.


Many people mistakenly believe that mobility and flexibility are the same thing, but they are different concepts. Mobility is crucial for staying pain-free and mitigating injuries. Flexibility is a baseline for mobility. We utilize the FRS (Functional Range Systems) model in our programming to enhance mobility. By concentrating on joint function, range of motion (ROM), neuromuscular control, and movement capacities, we can help you achieve a level of longevity you never thought possible.


Navigating the seemingly “complex” world of nutrition can be daunting, with convenience often overshadowing the importance of knowledge. We want to help you cut through the noise by first teaching you nutrition at the basic level. Then helping you develop a unique understanding of how your body responds and reacts to food. This will give you the ability to have confidence around food again.


At True Warrior Training, we use various systems and principles to develop a personalized approach that works best for you. The most important system we use is biofeedback aka how your body feels with what we are doing. Our comprehensive coaching helps you forge a path to health and wellness so that you can live your best life for the rest of your life.

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