About Parisi Speed School in Vermont

Antonio Federico

Owner and Head Coach

Antonio Federico is a FRCms, FRSC and Master Trainer with ISSA.

After early success in the restaurant industry, Antonio decided to pivot into business and quickly found that not making a difference with his work was not something he wanted to continue to do. During that time, he realized a renewed passion for fitness, mobility, and nutrition. Taking his past experience in sports and as an athlete in the Parisi system. He went out to learn as much as he could. He quickly fell in love with the science behind movement. He then decided to create True Warrior Training.


ISSA (International Sports Science Association)

  • CPT
  • Nutritionist
  • Exercise Recovery Specialist
  • Tactical Conditioning Specialist
  • Transformation Specialist
  • ISSA Master Trainer
  • ISSA Elite Trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • ISSA Fitness Coach

FRS (Functional Range Systems)

  • FRCms
  • FRA Specialist (one of the only in Vermont)
  • KinStretch Level 1
  • FRSC


Parisi Speed School

  • Performance Coach
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