Performance Training

Do you feel like you are getting the most out of your body?

We understand the frustration around the fitness and nutrition industry. Constantly being shown “30 days to get ripped” or “1 month fat loss” packages and products. The truth is there is NO cookie cutter answer to your health. Every person is different and your body will respond to certain things in different manners. We could list several different studies and statistics to show you the lacking state of health the country is in, or I could just ask you this:

Do you feel like you are as healthy as you could be?

If your answer is yes,
I am an athlete that is performing at my best all the time, then that’s great. You must be here to take your nutrition and fitness to the next level using more advanced techniques. We’ll create an individualized training program to help you unlock your next goal.

If your answer is no,
I used to be an athlete and I’ve lot it
. That’s not a great feeling, schedule a call now. We’ll create an individualized training program and allocate the time you need, to uncover and reengage to your previous self. Let us give you the tools and knowledge to make it a yes, that will stay a yes.

Retraining for Former Athletes

Back in the day you were an athlete before life began to wrap it's grasp around you. Now it's time to regain some of the performance you've lost over time. I'm going to help you get back on track.

Athletic Training for Teams

Team and individual assessments and strengthening.

     True Warrior Training holds in person Kinstretch Classes at Combat Fitness in Winooski Vermont on Mondays. The rest of our time is spent creating, implementing, and coaching athletic training programs for athletes and former athletes across New England. Virtual, online, and remote performance training has become a new norm in our industry and as a young business we’ve embraced the change and built our services around this form of training. Now, you can have the power, information, and structure of your personal trainer in the palm of your hand; wherever you go! When you are on vacation, traveling for work, stuck at home, or in the gym, we’re right there with you. It’s powerful! To show you, we offer a complementary consultation call where we can answer your questions, and establish whether WE are the right fit, in achieving your goals. We’re not “volume trainers” that set and forget your program; we only work with those who want results and we work directly with you to achieve your goals.

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